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10x Your Chat Sales at 10% of the Cost

From initial contact to after-sales support, Replyr’s AI sales team helps you close new customers on chat, and keep existing customers delighted.

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Booked appointments delivered non-stop

  • Lead quality, not quantityReplyr expertly chats and filters out the low-potential leads, so you only meet leads who are ready to buy
  • Persistent, personalised follow upsUnresponsive lead? Replyr keeps the conversation alive with tailored messages
  • Scheduling made smartReplyr schedules appointments based on yours and the lead's availability
  • Instant updatesStay in the loop. Replyr notifies you with appointment details and conversation summaries
  • Replyr connects to all major platforms

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    Replyr responds to leads better and faster than I do

    As a property agent, I can't reply every lead on time. With Replyr, they answer all the leads' questions and schedule the showflat viewings just like I would. Amazing technology!
    DeanProperty Agent, ERA Singapore

    We've seen an insane 80% conversion of leads to trial signups at our boxing gym

    It's almost like magic watching Replyr respond and schedule trial sessions with our new leads on WhatsApp. It's freed up our Community Manager's time to focus on more meaningful work with our existing members.
    ChristianCo-Founder, The Ring Singapore

    Replyr converts our inbound leads so much better than our human teams.

    Our leads get 24/7 service, and our human teams can now focus on customers further down the funnel.
    JamesCEO, Real Estate Investment Platform

    How does Replyr work?

    1. Set Replyr as the first point of contact for leads

    After discovering you organically or from an ad, the lead sends you a message on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram.

    2. Replyr responds and follows up

    Replyr answers the leads' questions, provides any information they need, and follows up if the lead stops responding

    3. Schedules appointments and notifies you

    Replyr checks your calendar and finds a suitable time for the lead to book a meeting. Replyr also alerts you when an appointment is scheduled.

    Use Cases for Replyr

    Real Estate Agents

    Let Replyr schedule you showflat viewings for new launches

    Fitness Businesses & Coaches

    Replyr engages with each inbound lead, answers their questions while qualifying them, then sets up a visit based on your schedule. Spend less time interacting with new leads so you can focus on delighting your existing members.


    Event Venues

    Streamline your booking process and let Replyr filter all your inbound enquiries on email or WhatsApp. Save your sales team's time for the most promising opportunities.


    Other high-touch businesses

    Does your business model rely on chatting with customers before closing a sale? Replyr could be the game-changer you need to scale your sales. Reach out to us to see if Replyr is the right fit for you.

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